Dog Fell In A Well And Was Trapped For A Month

A dog fell into a well and was there for one whole month. Luckily, they found him alive!

Bruno, a 7 year old chocolate Labrador spent 27 days stuck at the bottom of a well, unable to move and completely deprived of all food. He fell into an abandoned well in Canada. The poor dog is recovering and it is a miracle that he survived.


Bruno went missing in September. One day his owner was calling him in for dinner, but he did not show up at all. His family searched and searched all over for him. As the days went by, they kept looking for him and also expanding their search. They were checking roadside ditches and anywhere else they could think of  but eventually they gave up hope of ever seeing Bruno again.


Almost a month passed by and then a miracle happened. Another of their Labrador dogs found Bruno while walking through some fields that were nearby their home. They were shocked to find Bruno in such a terrible condition at the bottom of an abandoned well, but were over the moon that he is still alive and breathing.

“I was around a half a mile away from the house,” the owner said. He noticed one of his other Labrador dogs was lingering in one spot on the neighbor`s property. When he went there to check it out, pushing aside some really tall grass, he found his missing dog. They got the dog out and quickly took him to the vet.

Dr. Catherine Colodey,  was the veterinarian who examined Bruno, and said she was not really sure that he would survive.


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