Dog Rescued After He Was Left By His Family

Dog rescued after his family left him to die in the garbage. He kept on waiting for them hoping that they will come back for him! What a sad story! Scroll down for the video!

Ollie the dog rescued after he was left by his family to die in the cold when his owners moved houses and decided to leave him by the roadside with their trash. Luckily, some kind hearted people saw him there and took him to a shelter.

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Terri Looby saved this sweet puppy`s life. She is also a volunteer from the Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG). She received a call about the lost dog, who was wandering around all alone in the freezing winter of the American Midwest. Knowing that the subzero temperatures were a serious risk to Ollie’s life, Terri knew she also had to act fast to save his precious life.

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The rescuers fed the dog, gave him some water and took him to the vet. It turns out that Ollie had a broken femur so they scheduled an operation for him so he could get better. He is doing just fine now and his health has improved. He is such a sweet dog too. Ollie is so kind and also loves to cuddle. It is really horrible that someone can just leave a dog like that. Luckily, he has not lost hope and trust in people. He still hopes for his forever family.

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Currently, Ollie is enjoying the good life and waiting for a for a loving owner to show up. “He is full of love and kisses since he was rescued,” Terri says. Meanwhile, the shelter staff also added: “Ollie s a very sweet, happy, tail wagging puppy who just wants a loving, kind family to love him and not toss him out like he is trash”.

Check out the video of Ollie`s rescuing!

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