Dog Toys And Food For Dogs In Shelter Is This Boy`s Special Birthday Wish

This sweet little boy with special needs decided to give all of his birthday presents to shelter dogs! So instead of getting toys for his birthday he asked for food and dog toys for dogs in need! How amazing is that?

The presents brought to this 9 year old little boy’s birthday party were not filled with Lego’s, or action figures or games too. Instead, he got dog food and dog toys that he could give to shelter dogs! Nico Barillas, who lives in Austin, Texas, actually has Down syndrome. He is mostly nonverbal and he usually communicates using an iPad app. But he knew that he wanted supplies to help rescue dogs for his birthday. How amazing is he?

little boy 1

When his parents asked him what he wanted for his birthday, “he kept tapping out ‘dog toys,'” says Veronica Barillas, Nico’s mother. “We thought, ‘That us weird, we have a million toys for our own two dogs'”.

But then, Nico continued to tap, “Dog toys for all dogs”. “He always had this huge love for dogs,” Barillas says, “So we said, ‘Do you want to give them to the puppies who don not have homes?’ And then he responded, ‘Yes, yes, yes, yes,’ on his iPad.

little boy 5

So, the invitation with this Nico’s idea went out to his classmates and also all of his friends. And it was actually a huge hit!

little boy 6

Along with the dog gifts that just poured in, some of Nico’s friends were also inspired and wrote cards saying they would like to do something similar for their birthdays, too. “It was really so heartwarming, the excitement it built with the kids,” says Marty Barillas, Nico’s father. “You can just sense they actually knew it was different. They are actually giving something to help these pets in need and they embraced it. The excitement went from the children to the parents also. Now they keep telling us what a great idea it actually was”! We think that all of us out there can learn from this little boy`s amazing project. It is not that hard to give to those in need!


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