Dog Waiting For His Human For Days And Days

This is a story of one dog waiting for days for his human to come back. The dog stayed loyal to his human owner and is finally reunited with him once again!

All of this happened in one city on the Serbian-Hungarian border called Subotica. The dog waiting for his owner stayed in one place for days, just sitting by his bike that was there. He did not let anybody come even close to the bike and he would not move. Days passed and he was still there. Some kind people came and brought him some food, water and blankets to warm up. The poor dog was unwilling to move from that very spot.

dog waiting 4

This story ended in the most beautiful way. They were reunited after seven days!

dog waiting2

The owner of the dog was in shock when he heard what was going on. He was in the hospital at that time and had no idea what was really going on. When he heard that the sweet dog was sitting there by his bike for days just waiting for him to come back he was crushed.

dog waiting 3

What happened here is that the dog was following his human like he does sometimes. The human fell down from his bike and broke his hip. The paramedics took him to the hospital. By the time the dog got there, only the bike was there. So the loyal dog sit and waited for him. The owner was going to work that day when his accident occurred.

 dog waiting 5

This sweet, loyal dog was finally home with his family after one week. All of them could not be more happy. There are one happy family once again. This dog really shows us the true meaning of loyalty and friendship too. True love is really unconditional. We are so happy that there are all together now and that this story got the happy ending that it deserves.

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