Doggy Left In A Parking Lot Too Sad To Move

One doggy was abandoned and left on the parking lot. The poor doggy was so heartbroken that he was sitting in the rain too sad to even move!

Valinda Cortez  saw a doggy just sitting alone in a North Carolina parking lot, shivering from the cold and the rain. She instantly knew that someone just left him there. The poor dog was so sad, you could see that he lost everything.

If ever there was a portrait of despair, it was this doggy standing in the cold rain in front of one convenience store. She gave up of everything, even staying dry.


“When I got out of my car, my heart just broke,” Valinda says. “This poor baby was out in the rain and cold for such a long time. She was freezing and shaking.”

The puppy was probably left there in the street. She was so sad and so lonely. She refused to move. Probably she was hoping that someone will come back for her.


She was so scared but she did not even make a move when Valinda put a blanket over her just to warm her up a little bit.  The dog’s hair was completely wet and matted, her leg was cut, and she had a nasty eye infection.


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