Dogs And Babies Equals Cuteness (VIDEO)

Dogs adore babies. Babies adore dogs. When you combine them together you get cuteness over the top. These videos will melt you heart. Dogs and babies together are super cute.

 Children have a special relationship with dogs. They tug оn their tails, rub backwards оn their fur, and take а seat right on their bellies when tired. Most dogs patiently tolerate this аbуsе and many even beg for more when their “treatment” ends. So what makes man’s best friend so tolerant of children? How is it that а canine can remain calm in the fаcе of these pesky pint-sized people?

Check out these cute video compilations of dogs and babies playing !

To understand a dog’s relationship with children, it helps to know a bit about their social structure. In the wild, canines go to great lengths to establish and reinforce their place in a social group, and these positions clearly dictate who’s in charge and who’s subordinate.

Among canines raised as pets, the hierarchy is fairly straightforward (i.e., he who feeds me may boss me around). They also have a clear sense of who their family is. Once a person becomes “one of us,” they are to be defended at all costs, whether they put food in the bowl or not.

A family setting is no different — at least from the dog’s perspective. They know who their family is and most of them will not hesitate to put themselves in harm’s way to protect one of their own. In fact, most dogs have such a strong instinct to protect their loved ones that they would do anything to save them from danger.

The bond between canines and babies is so strong and special that nothing can break it. Together they play, sleep, cuddle and grow. They are best friends and they share an unique connection.

These videos are so cute, they really melt your heart. Watching something like this really makes my day much better.


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