Duncan McIver Jumps Into A Frozen Pond To Save His Beloved Dog (VIDEO)

Canadian man Duncan McIver jumped into a frozen pond to save his beloved dog Cosmo from freezing to death and drowning! Scroll down for the video!

A Canadian TV news crew captured a dramatic video of a man plunging into a freezing pond to rescue his pet dog after it fell through the thin ice. A Canadian man named Duncan McIver jumped into a frozen pond to save his beloved dog Cosmo from drowning and freezing to death. He just could not let his pet friends die so he did what most animal lovers would do. He jumped into the frozen lake not fearing for his life because he knew that he had to save Cosmo!

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Duncan McIver was at a park in St. Albert, Alberta on Saturday when his beloved dog, Cosmo, who accidentally broke through the ice. McIver did not hesitate to jump in the frigid water to save Cosmo`s life. In an amazing coincidence, a CTV Edmonton reporter was at the park at that time for a story on ice safety as the rescue unfolded.

Video footage shows McIvor actually breaking through the ice and making his way toward Cosmo, as the freezing French Bulldog dog struggles to keep his head above water. Luckily, McIvor was able to reach the poor dog and  also return him to safety on a strip of concrete near the shore.

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“It is basically a split second thing,” McIver told the CTV Edmonton. “You are not just going to let him die,  am I right”?  “As soon as the ice broke, I just went right in,” he adds. “I also think most pet owner would do just the same for their own dogs”.

Watch the dramatic rescue video of McIven saving his French Bulldog dog from the frozen pond he accidentally fell in here below.

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