Dying Puppy Undergoes Amazing Recovery

A dying puppy was covered in flies! He undergoes an amazing recovery and is happy and healthy now!

Oliver was lying down on the ground so sick that he would not even move. Flies were all over his body, even they thought that he was dead! This poor baby was just lying and slowly dying. And then things got a lot better for him! Next page for the video!

dying puppy1

But after just two months of love, care and proper treatment, this dying dog makes an amazing recovery. Just wait until you see how Oliver looks now!

The rescue center for homeless dogs and street animals, Animal Aid Unlimited, rescued this dying puppy. When rescue workers first saw Oliver, he was so close to death, struggling to even breathe, and there were flies all over his body.

dying puppy2

When they brought Oliver to the rescue center, the rescue workers saw that his pulse was so weak and that his body temperature was dangerously cold. They gave him immediate medical attention. By giving him fluids and putting hot water bottles around his almost lifeless body, the sweet puppy was slowly coming back from the brink of death. Within an hour, he started responding.


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