Earless Pit Bull Puppy Found Tied To A Tree By Some Cruel Person

Rescuers found an earless Pit Bull puppy tied to a tree and left all alone to die! The poor puppy was sick and really afraid of everything!

In 2011, rescuers found an earless pit bull puppy tied to a tree in Florida with her ears purposely wrapped in rubber bands so they would rot. This is actually a really common practice in the dog fighting community, making it easier for them to cut the dog’s ears off with a razor or scissors. This little puppy was most likely supposed to end up as a bait dog or a fighter, but luckily someone called SPCA Tampa Bay to report this terrible situation.

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Kelli Chickos saw this puppy’s story on the news and got really upset by it. Her family does not typically adopt puppies as they normally take care of senior dogs, specifically rescue greyhounds. A few days later, she was at a luncheon for SPCA Tampa Bay and one animal cruelty investigator brought Nikki (the rescued pit bull puppy)  into the room. It was just then that Chickos realized that she should be a part of her family. She asked shelter staff at the event about adopting her, but she was not available yet because she was still recovering from everything.

“Seeing such an innocent animal inflicted with such intentional and barbaric suffering, it just ripped my heart out of my chest,” Chickos says.

“The pictures of her just before her surgery, with her ears dead and dangling from her head, was really unbearable. When I looked into her big beautiful brown eyes, I saw a soul that is so special, it is almost unworldly”.

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A week went by, and then the shelter called her with some happy news. “Congratulations, it’s a girl!” they said, explaining that her care package she sent for Nikki won them over. “Nikki and her new family of brothers and sisters get along beautifully. Her personality brings an all new energy to the house,” says Chickos.

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Nikki’s hearing is not actually impaired. She does not really like the rain because the drops go right into her ear canal since she is basically earless. Chickos also puts sunscreen on her ears to protect her ear canals from the sun. “Nikki is a big girl now and is an ambassador for her breed,” Chickos says. “She frequently attends events to show the importance of adoption and that pit bulls can actually be big sweethearts. Sometimes people are afraid of her sometimes because of how she looks.  But actually Nikki does not have a mean bone in her body”.

source: http://thedodo.com

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