Eight Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The Entire World

Here is the list of the eight most expensive cat breeds in the entire world! Some of these cats are really, really expensive!

Cats are the second most popular pets in the USA and are among the top three most popular pets in the entire world. Depending on their rarity and purity their price can vary and some of them are quite expensive. Some may be very rare and pure breed but we love them all the same, every cat is precious and beautiful though! Here is the list of eight most expensive cat breeds in the world!

#8 SPHYNX (300-3000$)

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A hairless breed with very soft skin and also a strong affection for their owners, the Sphynx cat is an intelligent, curious and also extremely friendly cat. They are very friendly to strangers and to dogs and other pets, Sphynx cats are also highly active and love playing with their toys too.

#7 RUSSIAN BLUE (400-3000$)

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Bengal cats are very playful , curious and intelligent too. The Russian Blue cats get along very well with other pets and also children in a household. The Russian Blue is a really well-behaved and easy to train cat. They are born with yellow eyes, and their eyes will develop a bright green ring around its pupil that will spread until the cat’s eyes are a vivid green in their adulthood.

#6 PETERBALD (1200-5000$)

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Peterbald cat is a result of experimental mating of the Oriental Shorthair female World Champion and a Donskoy. This curious, smart and also energetic breed has an elegantly slim graceful and a muscular build. They live in harmony with other pets and get along with other people too.

#5 PERSIAN CAT (500-5,000$)

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Persian cats are quiet and also very sweet. They are an ornament to any home where they can enjoy sitting in a lap, surely their rightful place and get petted by those who are discerning enough to recognize her superior qualities. Persian love to play around in the house with kind children who will gently comb her hair,a lso  wheel her around in a baby buggy, then serve her tea at their parties.


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Allerca cats are actually a result of genetic researches of Lifestyle Pets, formerly Allerca.  Allerca scientists actually tried to delete or to disable the gene that cause most of the human cat allergies.

#3 BENGAL CATS (1,000-25,000$)

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For the Bengal cat to be a show-quality cat, this wild looking breed must be four generations away from the leopard cat. Second and third generation Bengal cats can be sold as house pets. They are really lovable, friendly and also docile as any full blooded domestic cat, Bengals like being involved with their families and are not afraid of water too.

#2 SAVANNAH (1,500-50,000$)

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The Savannah cat, is actually a domestic hybrid cat breed. It is basically a cross between a serval and a domestic cat.  Savannah cats are commonly compared to dogs in their loyalty too. They are also exceptionally intelligent and friendly.

#1 ASHERA (15,000-100,000$)

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Ashera is also a hybrid cat too. It is half the African serval, and the other half the Asian leopard cat, and a part domestic house cat. It is very intelligent, affectionate and also very loyal. Ashera is also probably is the rarest cat in the entire world.

It is also the number one of our eight of the most expensive cats breeds in the world list!

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