Elderly Couple Lost Their Cat, And Then After 9 Years A Miracle Happens

Elderly couple lost their pet cat, but then after 9 years a miracle happens and they are together once again! Scroll down for this heart touching video!

This is a beautiful story with a wonderful happy ending! Cleo, a 17-year-old tabby cat, disappeared from her Peterborough home of Peter and Yvonne Best, 76, in 2008, leaving them completely heartbroken. But then after nine years, the elderly couple reunites with Cleo once again! Just last month Cleo came into Wood Green Animals Charity in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, as a stray, only 22 miles from her real home.

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This elderly couple gave up all hope that Cleo would be with them once again. When she first disappeared, they looked and looked for her all over. But she was nowhere to be found. Time passed and still nothing. After a few years they gave up all hope that they will ever see her again. They also presumed that she was not alive at all. They thought that a car might hit her or that something bad happened. But then, after nine long years of waiting they got a call. That call changed everything!

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One kind woman found Cleo and she took her to the Wood Green Animals Charity in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire. There they scanned Cleo for a microchip and luckily they found one. They ended up contacting the elderly couple and they so happy that no words can describe. They came to the shelter as fast as possible and then they saw Cleo after all that time!

Check out the touching video of the moment when this elderly couple reunites with Cleo after nine long years of waiting and hoping!

Luckily, everything ended up good for them! The most important thing is that they are together once again even though all this time passed!

The couple could not be more happy that they got Cleo back and that she is a part of their family once again. Cleo is getting all the love and care that she was missing these last nine years!


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