Famous Actor Shows His Tattoo That Is Dedicated To The Puppy He Saved

Famous actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan shows his tattoo that is dedicated to the puppy he saved and loved for the last 12 years!

Sometimes, one tiny moment in your day can turn into something grand and also life changing moment. Just ask The Walking Dead  famous actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Many, many years ago, Jeffrey stumbled upon a group of kids with a large box with puppies in Venice Beach, California.

Little did he know, that a creature in that box would soon mean the world to him. Jeffrey approached the young kids and asked about the puppies they were selling out of that box. In that moment, Jeffrey made a quick decision that would change everything in his life.

Recently the famous actor got a mysterious tattoo on his right forearm. It is not a picture of one of his characters, nor is it the name of a lover of a friend. However, it definitely represents someone loved dearly for the last 12 years!

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan is famous for many reasons besides just acting. He is charismatic, attractive, and also he has a lot of talent. Not everyone gets to see his other sensitive side, until now.

When the actor asked the kids at Venice Beach, California who were selling the puppies about how much one would cost, they said one would cost him $300. Then, he saw a sick tiny female puppy at the bottom of the box that did not even open her eyes yet. Jeffrey offered up $20, the only cash in his pocket at that time, for “the one that is not gonna make it through the day”.

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Jeffrey ended up taking the sick puppy back home with him. He took her to the vet no one though she would live another day. Little did he know, his new puppy was about to surprise everyone and survive. The days passed and the puppy was getting better.

Jeffrey explained all about the situation to Bonnie Hunt on her talk show in 2009. He said, “I bottle fed her for a whole month. She used to kiss her way around, which is how she got her name Bisou, which means ‘kiss’ in French”.

Unfortunately, after 12 long years with the puppy that nobody thought would make it, Bisou passed away. Now, Jeffrey reveals the special way he will remember her and her strong fight to live. What a beautiful way to honor your beloved pet!

source: www.littlethings.com

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