Famous NFL Player Uses His Wedding To Do Something Amazing For Stray Dogs

Famous NFL player uses his wedding to raise money for abandoned dogs!

Instead of asking for dishes and some new towels, they asked for something else. This famous NFL player and his wife asked their wedding guests to donate to an animal rescue group on the Caribbean island where they were getting married.

Tennessee Titans cornerback Logan Ryan and his fiancée Ashley Bragg could not wait for their special day on the Caribbean island of St Lucia. The one downside to this plan was being separated from their beloved pet dogs, Nala and Leonardo. “We knew a destination wedding was best for us, but I did struggle a bit with the fact that our dogs could not be involved,” Bragg says.

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They were heading into the town of Soufrière that day. They were going for a photo shoot when they met a friendly stray dog who took a shining to them. The dog was so friendly, she even tried to play tug-of-war with Bragg’s veil. And Ryan and Bragg, in turn, could not help but feel that meeting this dog was some kind of a sign from heaven. They just knew that they should turn their attention to helping stray dogs on this island.

“Dog rescue is basically with us wherever we go,” says Ryan. “It is just something we are passionate about and want to make a difference in any way we can”.

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Ryan and Bragg are long standing dog advocates and together, they founded Ryan’s Monthly Rescue. This is a social media campaign that aims to help shelter dogs, especially pit bulls, find forever homes. So the sweet couple asked about animal welfare organizations on the island, and were pointed toward a group that is called HelpAWS.

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The rescue group was surprised and delighted to hear from an American professional football player and his new wife. They were exited to hear that they were very interested in HelpAWS. They were even more happily shocked to learn Ryan and Bragg wanted to help the organization by asking their dear guests to make donations in lieu of wedding presents.

“Many people asked us beforehand about what would we want for gifts. We just told them we were all set with everything. We suggested they donate to their local shelter or a rescue center instead,” says Bragg. “Most people wanted to donate to an organization that would be more meaningful to the both of us. So once we connected with them, we gave them HelpAWS”. Aren`t they just lovely?

source: www.thedodo.com

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