Firefighter Refuses To Give Up On A Puppy He Just Pulled Out Of A Fire

Andrew Klein, a firefighter from Santa Monica, California refused to give up on a puppy that just pulled out of a fire! He ended up saving the puppy`s life and becoming a hero too!

Earlier this week, a fire broke out in the apartment building where Marley the puppy lives with his mom, trapping him inside. Billy Fernando is a portrait photographer and was actually driving by when he saw firefighters rushing into the burning building, so he decided to pull over to watch them work. That is when he saw a firefighter fighting to save the puppy`s life!

firefighter 1

firefighter 2

“As I was standing outside, I saw a firefighter, Mr. Klein, running toward the curbside grass area carrying something,” Fernando says. “I did not really know what it was at first, but then I realized that it was a small puppy who was trapped in the fire. The dog was unconscious, limp and was not moving at all”. Klein stayed by the puppy` side and began to work on him to bring him back to life.

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After initially attempting to revive the dog using an oxygen mask, it apparently became very clear that he had to take more drastic measures. “Just a minute after, he began performing CPR on the puppy without any hesitation,” says Fernando, also adding: “It was really an awe-inspiring moment”.

The puppy’s owner stood and looked on as the firefighter continued to fight for Marley’s life. “She was watching them in horror,” says Fernando. “She was so scared that her dog would not make it”.

firefighter 5

Klein just refused to give up on him. Amazingly, after about 20 minutes into his efforts, the dog slowly began to come back. Marley’s owner was not the only one there breathing a huge sigh of relief. “It is as if the big weight was lifted off my chest. I was so overwhelmed with joy and tears,” says Fernando. “I witnessed the puppy come back to life”.

“The lady was in tears. Everyone was very happy with this happy ending. We are also very proud of the efforts of Andrew Klein from Santa Monica Fire Department,” says Fernando. “Firefighters have always were model for me, and I admire them deeply for what they actually do for the community. Being able to witness this moment was really a true privilege too”.


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