Five Year Old Boy Locks Himself Into A Dryer But Then His Dogs Comes To Rescue Him

Five year old boy accidentally locked himself in a dryer, but then his guardian angel came to save him!

Five year old Riley and his dog Teddy have an incredible relationship, especially considering that Teddy actually saved little Riley’s life. Riley Gedge-Duffy is like any five year old, full of energy and always ready to play, but with one small difference, he also has the Down Syndrome.

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During a game of hide and seek, Riley went to hide in the tumble dryer, which automatically turned on as soon as the little boy was inside. That is when Teddy, their family dog, came to rescue him.

“I was hoovering at the time and Teddy came up and was going berserk and jumping all around the place. He was actually running in and out of the room wanting me to follow him” says Riley’s mother about the terrible incident.

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After seeing Riley climb into the dryer, Teddy began barking loudly in an attempt to get someone’s attention. Thankfully, Riley’s mother followed Teddy the dog into the laundry where Riley was in the tumble dryer, which was actually running.

Amazingly enough, Riley did not suffer from any major injuries from his ordeal. He had some minor burns and a few bruising too. His parents immediately rushed him to the hospital to get medical attention.

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Children can face a serious danger when climbing into a tumble dryer. It often leads to serious injuries and can even be fatal sometimes. The heat and also lack of oxygen make these everyday machines a serious threat for curious toddlers.

“If Teddy was not in the house at the time, we would be looking at a death here,” Riley’s father says solemnly. However, thanks to Teddy, his parents found him just in time. Thankfully, Riley is recovering now from his injures. With Teddy around  his family feels reassured that someone else is also looking out for their precious son. Guardian angels really come in all shapes and sizes too.

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