French Bulldog`s Health Issues

     French bulldogs are so cute and they make one of the best companion dog breeds. Their temperament is very mild, they love kids and get very attached and close to their owners. They are a small breed dogs, perfect for apartments and life indoor. French bulldog are short haired dogs and are very easy to groom.

They come in various colors and their size goes from 18 to 28 pounds. Frenchie`s health is the most important thing, they are prone to certain diseases and if you are an owner of a French Bulldog it is very important to be aware and to see the signals on time.


French Bulldog`s Health


French bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed  which means that they have a shortened head, as well as the nose and a flat face.

French bulldog have compacted airway and the bulk and unlike other dogs they have a problem regulating their body temperature. It is imperative to keep them out of direct sun on warm weather because they could get a heath stroke and it could turn out lethal for them.

Its important to keep them in the cold, to provide fresh water and shade on high temperatures. They do not really do with cold that much too. If you live in a cooler climate, make sure to provide them with a coat or something similar. All in all, they do not stand very low or very high temperatures.



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