Funny Illustrations Of How Dogs See The World

Funny illustrations of how dogs see the world. A illustrator from San Francisco Robert Brown created this funny illustrations of dogs perception of the world. This is very amusing and probably somewhat true.

These funny illustrations show the difference of how we see the world and how do the dogs see it. And lets make it clear, this has nothing with color vision. These are some everyday situations which seem normal to us but or dogs find scary or like a act of terror. And of course all we want is the best for them even if sometimes they do not always agree with that.

Here are some really funny illustrations of people and dog perception !



The joy and happiness of your dog when he sees you when you come home is really priceless. They show you so much love and affection that it is truly adorable.



It is bath time. Most of the dogs really hate it. They would do anything to get out of it. Dogs do not understand that we have to keep them clean. They like to be stinky. They must think we are evil for making them bath.



This one is really hilarious. Dogs love people food and especially the one we as their owners are eating. A lot of people food is not really good for them and it can make more harm for them then good so we do not give them. So when they see us eating something they can not, they will try to do anything to get it from us.


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