Funny Photos That Show That Sleepy Dogs Can Sleep Anywhere

These funny photos show that sleepy dogs can sleep anywhere and even in a guitar case!

Along with chasing their tail, fetching sticks and also barking at postmen, sleeping is one of the things dogs really do best. And occasionally pet pooches get too tired to even make it to their dog bed, as these funny photos compiled from around the web show. Shared by the owners who caught their beloved pets in all manner of odd positions, the snaps include a puppy snoring with its head resting on a car steering wheel, also a dog wrapped up in a sleeping bag, and even one pooch curled up snugly inside a guitar case.

#1 Snug as a bug: This sleepy dog does not seem to mind sleeping upright when in a sleeping bag!

funny photos 2

#2 Never too tired: Even with something in his mouth, this dog managed to doze off!

funny photos 5

#3 Is that really that comfortable? A dog takes a nap after squeezing itself in between pipes in the bathroom!

funny photos 10

#4  Sleeping between two places: A puppy managed to fall asleep half on a sofa and half on a table!

funny photos 4

#5 Can we play catch, please? A puppy seemed determined to play even when fast asleep!

funny photos 122

#6 That is my toy: A sweet pup kept his toys close to him as he took a bit of time out from running around!

funny photos 6

#7 Where else when here is perfect? A cute white haired pup decided to soak up the sun in a plant pot on a window ledge!

funny photos 8

#8 Dogs can really sleep anywhere: This dog might look uncomfortable, but he is sound asleep nonetheless!

funny photos 9

#9 Getting cleaned up: Small dogs can really fit in a lot of places but even they can not squeeze themselves into a dishwasher!

funny photos 23

#10 This puppy`s most ingenious trick is sleeping while upside down!

funny photos 15

#11 This cute dog managed to fall asleep while still chewing its pink plastic toy!

funny photos 14

#12 Keep your cute eyes on the road: This sleeping dog does not seem too interested in tackling traffic!

funny photos 1



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