Goat Abandoned In The Cold Gets New Friends

Baby goat was abandoned in the cold, but now she has two best friends!

Pippa is one cute baby goat. She is one of the most expressive goats you will ever see. Lauricella runs Goats Of Anarchy, one rescue group for goats with special needs, in New Jersey. Pippa is her latest baby, she is just 7 days old and only 2 pounds.


“Pipa has a very animated face,” Lauricella says. “She often has that shocked look. But she is not easily scared. Actually, her personality is quite laid-back.”


“A couple contacted me one the day after she was born,” Lauricella said. “They were saying that two of her hooves were cracking and were falling off.”

While it is not really clear what exactly what happened to this cute goat, the couple, from Missouri, told Lauricella that they found her lying outside. Her front right leg and back left leg were sticking out, both injured. “Goats usually curl all their legs under, and that is how they keep them warm” Lauricella says. “The couple said that for some unknown reason, Pippa was lying with both of those legs out.”


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