Golden Retriever Mum Gives Birth To Puppies And One Of Them Is Green

A Golden Retriever mum gives birth to puppies and one of them is actually green! This left everyone in quite a shock! Can you guess why this happened?

When a Golden Retriever mum in Scotland just gave birth to nine adorable puppies one of them was a light shade of green. The green tint, which actually happened only a handful of times before, is believed to be caused by the biliverdin (green bile) in the mother dog’s placenta mixing in a particular way with the amniotic fluid that actually protects the puppies.

“It was all hands on deck but then as the puppies started to arrive,” the dog’s owner said “we noticed that one of the pupa had green fur. We could not believe our eyes”.

golden retriever mum 3

The little puppy, who is now named Forest, is already an Internet sensation because of his unusual color. But it is not always easy being green like this. In 2014, another rare green puppy, who was born quite weaker than the rest of the litter, unfortunately passed away. While no one has proven a direct connection between being born green and the puppy’s premature death yet, it makes news like this a little less lighthearted.

This is actually the fourth time this happened. One previous occurrence took place in February this year when a chocolate Labrador mum dog gave birth to a green puppy in Lancashire.

Meet Forest, the cute green pup that left everyone wondering how is this possible!

golden retriever mum 2

Luckily, Forest, along with his golden siblings, appears to be doing very well. And his temporary green color is already starting to fade. Soon he will be golden like the rest of them. Luckily, he will grow up to be strong and big like the rest of them. We wish this cute pup all the luck in the world!



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