Grand Prismatic Spring Is A Must Visit

Grand Prismatic Spring is really a must visit ! They might seem so unreal but there is some science beneath its wonderful colors !

It is not really that hard to find natural wonders within Yellowstone National Park. The park’s largest hot spring is really remarkable, and it is not just for its size. The Grand Prismatic Spring radiates extremely hot water and some stunning prismatic colors from its center.


The Grand Prismatic Spring is really rainbow colored, with a spectrum of white light through a prism (red to blue). The spring was first officially described and named, by the Hayden Expedition in the year 1871, which was the first federally funded exploration of what it became Yellowstone.


Hot springs form when the heated water emerges through the cracks in the Earth’s surface. Unlike geysers, which have obstructions near the surface, water from hot springs flows unobstructed. This allows them to create a nonstop cycle of hot water rising, cooling and falling down.



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