Great Dane Is Best Friends With A Chihuahua

A giant Great Dane dog is best friends with a tiny, mix Chihuahua/Yorkie puppy! The two of them do everything together. It is like they are brother and sister!

Great Dane Greta and Rio the Chihuahua joined their human family within three days of each other. Ever since then, the two of them are inseparable. “Since we got them at the same time and the same age they are essentially siblings,” Haley Bond says, the pair’s human mom. “They love each other so much. They are absolutely best friends. When one leaves the house the other is visibly so sad”.

great dane2

“They take naps together,” Bond said. “They also wrestle. The Great Dane Greta likes to play keep away with her toys which drives Rio really insane. Sometimes Rio will latch onto a toy that Greta is playing with and Greta will run dragging Rio behind because neither one wants to let go”.

great dane3

One might think that since Rio is so much smaller than Greta, that she would feel the need to protect Rio. But instead, she knows that he can always take care of herself quite well. “It is very funny. When we walk the two of them together, Rio starts to pick fights because she knows she has back up,” Bond says. “And if Rio does really pick a fight, Greta will definitely step in if Rio is in over her head. That can be a handful sometimes”.


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