Great Dane Gets A Massage From Her Best Friend, Jack The Cat (VIDEO)

A Great Dane gets a relaxing massage from her cat best friend Jack while their human dad captures it all on film!

A fluffy orange cat Jack was in the living room with his Great Dane dog best friend Bella. The Great Dane was lying down on the couch when Jack decided to join her and give her a relaxing massage. He hopped up onto her back and found a comfortable spot to crouch down and began to massage her. It seems like the unexpected, calming massage was just what Bella needed after a tiring afternoon of being a big dog.

Check out the funny video of Jack, the cat, giving Bella, the Great Dane a relaxing massage!

Good thing that their owner caught the strange yet adorable interaction between his cat and dog. He grabbed a camera and began recording his Great Dane and her personal massage therapist Jack. The cat continues to gently push his little paws into different spots near Bella’s shoulder blades. The humongous doggie had a relaxed gaze in her eyes as Jack helped to loosen her muscles.

great dane 2

A well bred Dane is really one of the best natured dogs around. He is super gentle, also sweet and affectionate pet who loves to play and is really relaxed with children. He has a great desire to please, which makes him really easy to train. The Great Dane just wants to be where the family is. They like people a lot, including strangers and children too, and will welcome visitors happily, unless they think you need defending from someone.

Some Danes wish they were (or truly believe they actually are) lapdogs. They will keep trying to get in your lap even if you and your lap mysteriously keep moving. Good-natured, the Danes definitely need early socialization, exposure to many different people, sights, sounds, and also experiences , especially when they are young. Socialization also helps ensure that your Dane puppy grows up to be a well-rounded dog and nicely behaved.


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