Guess Who Else Was Celebrating Valentine`s Day

Can you guess who else was celebrating Valentine`s day too? Well, wild red squirrels, of course! And you know what, they are adorable!

Geert Weggen is a 48 year old Dutch/Swedish artist. The love he has for these wonderful wild red squirrels he tries to express in his photos. After many years following them and using them in photos with props, he tries to come up with new ideas all the time. That is why themes like Valentine open new creativity and also fun. So, guess what? Here are some photos of his wild squirrels and they are really just too cute!

guess 8

“Most photos are exactly how I shot them, the photos with 2 squirrels in it, I shot 2 photos of the same scene, but squirrels standing in different positions and just stack them together in photoshop” Greert says.

guess 2

guess 4

His article was published last month in National Geographic on 8 pages and this month his photo got chosen of 1 of the best 50 from over 100000 photos in the Sony photo.

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guess 7

The red squirrel is actually native to Britain, but its future is increasingly uncertain as the American grey squirrel expands its range across the mainland. There are estimated to be only about 140,000 red squirrels left in Britain, with over 2.5 million grey squirrels. Red squirrels usually build large nests, dreys, often in the forks of tree trunks.

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They are usually solitary animals, only coming together to mate. But they do not mind social interactions and will share dreys with other squirrels to keep warm during cold winter months. Red squirrels sometimes range widely, especially when looking for mates.

Red squirrels are mostly seed eaters. They prefer pine cones, but also eat larch and spruce too. Their diet also includes fungi, shoots and also fruits of shrubs and trees, and sometimes even birds’ eggs. They can choose between good and bad nuts by holding them in their little paws. If you liked these photos check out for more on Geert`s website. Photo source:

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