Guilty Dogs (FUNNY VIDEO)

Guilty dogs are so funny. They can make such mess and then when we look at their puppy eyes we instantly forgive them everything


If you are a dog owner you know this guilty look you canine has every time that he does something he is not supposed to. Its like they`re eyes are saying ” I am so sorry, but I can not help it. ” They are hilarious.

While it’s not clear whether canines feel the complex social emotions such as shame and guilt, dogs actually do develop some basic emotions like excitement, distress, contentment, disgust, fear, anger, joy, suspicion and love.

Check out this video of some funny guilty dogs who know that they have done something bad and feel very sorry for doing it !

Check out this video of a dog begging his owner for forgiveness. So cute !

Meet Ettore, an Italian dog. Ettore did something very bad and he is feeling very guilty now. He is asking for forgiveness from his owner. He keeps hugging his owner and pushing his head into his chest and he does not know who to make it right now. This is so adorable !


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