Halloween Best Dressed Pets (FUNNY)

      Halloween dressing up is always so much fun. All of us loved it when we were kids and now we enjoy dressing up our children and some of us dress up our pets too.

Who says that Halloween is only for children !


A recent survey showed that 16% consumers that were polled will dress up their pets in Halloween costumes. The survey asked around 7,000 consumers about Halloween costume plans. Even though there is no exact data on how much a person will spend for their pet`s costume, last year it was estimated that owners spent $74 each for pets costumes.

Check out this fancy cats !


This French Bulldog looks so cute in this outfit !


In 2015, best selling costumes were Superman, Batman and Super Girl and also Cherry Jane Love. This year, the situation is a little different. Best selling costumes are monsters, villains and DC Comics.


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