Happy Ending For A Kitty That Was Stuck In A Pipe

A crew of dedicated animal lovers came together to save a kitten that was trapped in a storm drain. Luckily, this story has a happy ending! The rescue mission lasted 33 hours but it was well worth it

Faint sounds of a baby kitten in distress lead a few concerned citizens and animal lovers to a storm drain in a California parking lot on one Sunday. But their attempts to lure out this poor kitty out of the drain with food were unsuccessful. The tiny kitten was so afraid and confused. There was no way he would be able to get out by himself. Thanks to the group of people who were willing to help, this kitty got a happy ending.

Here is the video of the rescuing of the poor baby kitty that was in a tight drain pipe!

A team of rescuers from Sierra Pacific Fur Babies and some other people who were more than glad to help jumped to rescue the kitten. He was stuck in a small 8-inch pipe. They had a difficult job ahead, but they knew that they have to save his life.

happy kitty

After a huge effort and one scary rain storm, the rescue group was finally able to see the kitten using a special camera that could snake into some really tight spaces. Once they saw where the kitten exactly was, they quickly were digging a hole to get to him. The little was guy out of there at about 10:30 p.m. on Monday evening.

kitty saved

Now, the kitty is doing great. He name is Piper. He is one really lucky kitty. When they finally got him out, luckily, he did not have any serious injuries. He was very afraid and nervous though. He is recovering and enjoying his new life. Thanks to all the people who helped in this rescue mission, Piper got a new chance for life. This is really a heartwarming story with a great happy end!

happy kitten

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