Harry Potter Star Finally Reunites With His Dog After His Horrible Accident (VIDEO)

Harry Potter star Jim Tavare reunites with his beloved dog after he spent 2 weeks in the intensive care! Their reunion is so emotional and so beautiful! Scroll down for the video!

Famous to Harry Potter fans as Tom the Innkeeper, Mr Jim Tavare finally reunited with  his dog Mr Kippy after a two week stay in the intensive care unit of an Los Angeles hospital. When Jim saw his beloved friends again, he broke down into tears. The reunion was really emotional for the both of them.

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Mr Jim Tavare was in a serious head on collision and he was seriously injured. With a punctured lung, broken neck, 15 fractured ribs and also multiple other injuries, he was unable to get home to care for his pet dog Mr Kippy. As any dog owner knows, two weeks is just too long to go without their pup’s unconditional love. And it is obvious that Mr  Kippy loves Jim unconditionally, Jim is his human dad.

When Jim came out of the hospital in his wheelchair, he and Mr Kippy shared a personal, really emotional and such a heartwarming moment too!

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Mr Kippy was so happy and excited to see his owner again that he jumps right into his lap, and his whole tiny body wagging with excitement. And Mr Tavare is no immune to Mr Kippy’s love too. Just as exited as his dog, Jim was overcomed with emotion and bursted into tears. An onlooker caught this emotional moment on camera and later posted it to YouTube.

Check out this really emotional reunion of Jim and his best friend Mr Kippy!

Jim was really overwhelmed with the support from all of his fans. He took to social media, saying, “Thank you guys for all the well wishes. You are all really kind”. Mr Tavare is recovering and we all wish him all the best!

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