Healthiest Cat Food Brands In 2017

Here is a list of the healthiest cat food brands in 2017 according to the FDA and consumers!

The healthiest cat food brands are not necessary the most expensive ones. Usually the best cat food are labeled with super premium types of food. This actually means that there are meat based and nicely balanced. In them there are more of the vitamins and nutrients that your cats need. So here are our top 5 of the healthiest cat food brands!

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#1 Orijen Dry Adult Cat and Kitten Food

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Orijen cat food is a mix of really high protein meats. Free-run chicken and turkey, also fresh eggs and wild-caught fish are main ingredients in this food. This recipe containing high meats level is actually equal to a 42% of protein level which replicates the natural diet of your pet cat! The formula also contains about 20% of animal fats. Over the 90% of the fats in this recipe occur naturally from high levels of fresh meats from chicken, turkey, also fish and eggs too.

#2 ACANA Pacific Regional

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Acana Pacifica Regional cat food makes the list of one of the top 10 best cat foods of the year 2016. Acana is a meat and fish based formula with some local ingredients from Canada. This recipe contains 100% wild-caught fish including herring, flounder too and also pacific hake from off North Vancouver Island. Acana Pacifica is a grain and potato free formula too. Its main 5 ingredients reduce the harmful excess of carbohydrates that you can commonly find in dry cat foods that cause obesity and also blood sugar levels to rise and fluctuate.

#3 Nutrience Natural Ocean Fish & Duck

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This formula contains a really healthy mix of natural fish, duck, low-glycemic carbohydrates, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables and also botanicals too. Nutrience Natural Ocean Fish & Duck is an excellent dry food recipe because it is meat based in the 5 main ingredients of its natural formula. This cat food achieves a really good balance of proteins such as fish and duck, also healthy fats, and low glycemic carbohydrates too.

#4 Natural Planet Organics

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Natural Planet is ideal for those cat owners who want a pesticide-free diet for their pet cats. The formula contains fresh and also completely organic ingredients including crude meat organic chicken. This dry cat food is the perfect formula if you want to have peace of mind you are feeding your cat with certified natural and really organic ingredients too.

#5 Precise Holistic

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Precise Holistic cat food is highly recommended by veterinarians. Real organic meat is the primary ingredient in this formula. Along with a mixtures of chicken, also ground brown rice, oatmeal, & chicken fat too. Precise is meant to be easily absorb to maximize the nutritional value. Precise Holistic had zero recalls in their 82 years of business.



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