Hero Cat Bites Their Owners While Sleeping To Alert Them

This hero cat bites their sleeping owners to alert the family about a fire in the house!

A family was able to escape their burning home in the middle of the night safe and uninjured, thanks to their favorite furry family member, their pet cat. This hero cat bit her owner while he was sleeping to wake them up and alert them that there is a fire in the house. The family’s hero cat was the first to notice the fire in the house at around 3:30 a.m. on Thursday. The parents and the two children were sleeping when the cat apparently pawed its way into its owner’s bedroom. The hero cat bit the mother on her arm to warn her and to wake her up.

hero cat1

 The County of Grande Prairie Fire Department in Alberta, Canada also says the cat was partially responsible for their rescue. 

“Thanks to the cat for alerting a family to a fire in their home early this morning, the entire family escaped without any injuries” County of Grande Prairie Fire Chief Trevor Grant says in a news statement.

The firefighters also managed to rescue their second cat from this fire. Shortly after the fire crews began to put out the fire, a freelance photographer William Vavrek came to the scene.“I arrived to see smoke coming from the house,” Vavrek describes to CBS News. Vavrek snapped some pictures as firefighters worked to contain the fire to the underside of the family`s mobile home. He stood in front of the home and captured a moment as one of the firefighters carefully carries one of the family’s cats down the front stairs.

His photo was also featured on front pages of local newspapers, and quickly went viral. Firefighters are just really glad that the family, and their loyal felines, are safe. The family also connected with the Red Cross of Canada. They will be staying elsewhere as officials continue to investigate the cause of the fire.


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