Hero Dog Pushes His Human To Work (VIDEO)

A hero dog pushes his human to work and back everyday in a custom made wheel chair!

hero dog 2

Meet Laoma Yen! He works every day on the street in Luoyang, central China, polishing and also repairing the people’s shoes. It was really a struggle for Laoma to get even to work. Laoma is paralyzed from the waist down. He was in a horrible car accident when he was young. His hero dog pushes him to work every single day. What a true and loyal friend!

Fortunately, he has a hero dog companion who is always by his side. Before he met his dog friend he was struggling with all of this quite a lot. “I got stuck once, and was trying to move forward up a slippery and a muddy incline when I suddenly felt somebody pushing me from behind” Laoma says in one interview.

At first he thought that a stranger was pushing him and helping him out, but actually the dog was. When Laoma turned around, he was shocked that his dog was the one that was actually pushing him.

hero dog3

Laoma does not have enough money for an electric wheelchair, but he has a DIY wheelchair and his best friend helps him to get around. It was a bit difficult for Laoma to feed the dog but locals saw this and they have all begun offering him a lot of food for him and the dog too.

“Ever since this story was in the newspaper he is more enthusiastic and happy about getting to work, because once he gets there his fans are waiting with all the tasty treats that he usually likes to eat, says Laoma.

What a lovely story about friendship and loyalty. Dogs are really men`s best friends. We wish Laoma and his dog all the best in the future!

Check out the full video of Laoma and his hero dog pushing him and helping him get around!

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