Hero Mom Dog Saves Her Baby Puppies

Hero mom dog saves her 10 days old puppies from a fire by putting them in a fire truck! What a heart touching story !

Back in the year 2012, a big fire in Temuco, Chile, destroyed a large portion of a family home. Thankfully the fire department succeeded in saving everybody inside the house. When the firemen walked back to their trucks, they were quite amazed to see that someone else had managed to survive this terrible fire. One hero dog was grabbing her babies and putting them in the safest place she knew, the fire truck!


The bond between a mother and her babies is the most powerful thing on the world. Whether you are human or a dog, a squirrel, or any other kind of animal it does not matter. There is just something so beautiful and inspiring when it comes to the pure love that a mother will have for her little ones.


The hero mother dog, a German Shepherd mix called Amanda risked her life. She picked up the puppies in her mouth and carried them one by one from the burning house to the safety of the fire truck. This hero mom dog clearly has some incredible instincts. Even though the house was burning down around them, she managed to pull out the puppies from the fire and bring them to the fire truck.


She ran between the house and truck over and over again until all the baby puppies were safe. What a hero!

She gently placed the puppies on the steps of the fire truck as firefighters fought the blaze and protected them with her own body.  The firemen also ended up adopting all of the dogs as companions for the fire station! What a heart touching story. There really is no stronger love than a mother`s love. All the puppies were sent to the vet to be checked and treated. Unfortunately, one of the puppies passed away but all of them are safe and healthy.


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