Hilary Duff Adopts A Mixed Puppy That Nobody Wanted And Guess What He Is Beautiful

Famous acress Hilary Duff did the most amazing thing recently! She adopted a little puppy that nobody wanted! Now he will have all the love and care in the world!

Mojito and his brothers and sisters were an accident after their mom accidentally got out of her yard and got pregnant. When the dog’s parents discovered that she had strange looking puppies, they immediately decided they did not want them. After finding the strange looking puppies, the family quickly surrendered them to Love Leo Rescue in Los Angeles. The sweet little puppies are mixed dogs. They are half pug, half Chihuahua, affectionately called “chugs”. The rescuers named them Mojito, Mimosa, Daiquiri and Piña Colada. Famous actress Hilary Duff did a wonderful thing, she adopted one of them. Now Mojito will have all the love in the world!

Hilary Duff 44

Actress Hilary Duff announced that she has adopted Mojito, now called Momo, on Instagram on Tuesday. She also could not be more happy to welcome her new little puppy home. Duff is an avid animal lover, and has a few other rescue dogs in her home as well!

“Another win for black dogs everywhere,” Love Leo Rescue writes on its Facebook page. “Mojito found his forever home … happy in the arms of the famous Hilary Duff. This little chug went from being ‘unwanted’ to having the best life ever. Thank you Hilary Duff for spreading the adopt and don’t shop message and also welcoming Mojito into your family”.

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Not only is Mojito now extremely wanted, but he is a celebrity puppy now. He will also be adored by millions of people every day on his new mom’s Instagram account. He has the perfect home now , and also will never have to worry about not being wanted ever again.

Hilary Duff 44

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