Homeless Dog Got His Head Stuck In A Jar, And Waited For Help For Three Days

Poor, homeless dog gets his head stuck in a jar for 3 whole days before anyone can help him! Luckily, he got rescued just in time!

For the majority of stray dogs, scavenging for food is probably the hardest part of living on the streets alone. These homeless animals need to search for scraps in every possible location, or they risk dying from starvation. Unfortunately, though, these searches tends to lead them into rather precarious situations, ones they can not escape without human assistance. For example, consider thus story of Pickle, a sweet, homeless dog from Forth Worth, Texas. When he went searching for food recently, he found himself stuck in a really tight spot, and his mindset switched from hunger to peril in mere seconds!

homeless dog 2

Recently, people in a suburban neighborhood in Forth Worth, Texas, noticed a stray dog wandering around their block. Not only was he aimlessly strolling, but it appears that his head  was stuck inside of a jar. So, the concerned locals contacted the Fort Worth Animal Control. They hoped that someone could come quickly to help the poor dog, who they believed was trapped like that for three whole days.

He needed help as soon as possible, or it could be too late!

homeless dog 3

The dog, whom they later named Pickle, was really afraid of the rescuers. “He was — and still is — very scared and timmid, so the officers actually had to sneak up on him,” says Diane Covey, a public information officer with the city of Fort Worth. That is why everyone was so surprised by what happened later on!

homeless dog 4

After a brief struggle, the rescuers succeeded in removing that snack jar from his head. They presumed that he, as a homeless dog with no other means to find food, went looking for a meal, and likely found some scraps at the bottom of the jar. With the jar freshly removed, the rescuers brought him back to their animal shelter.

At the shelter, he was assessed for injuries, andthey discovered that despite being severely dehydrated, and suffering from a few scrapes and also cuts, he was in good health. While he continues to search for a loving forever home, he is, thankfully, going to make a full recovery shortly! We hope he find his forever family and home real soon, he deserves it!

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