Homeless Puppy Desperate For Shelter

Homeless puppy is desperate for a shelter. He finds some warmth and comfort in a Christmas nativity scene!

As the Christmas is coming and it is the holiday season, it is not really uncommon to see various Christmas nativity scenes appear in the celebration of the holiday. This particular nativity scene in Brazil definitely stood out from the others, thanks to one special little guest, a homeless puppy.

This poor homeless puppy was looking for some warmth and a shelter. He ended up sleeping in the crib of baby Jesus.


All of this happened in Criciuma, a small town in Santa Catarin, Brazil in the year 2008. The residents noticed a special guest sleeping  in their traditional nativity scene, a homeless German Shepherd puppy. The baby German Shepherd puppy was curled up against Baby Jesus in the cradle.


Unfortunately, the young puppy was homeless and using the nativity scene as his temporary home. This adorable sight attracted a big crowd. Hopefully, someone choose to adopt this sweet puppy on the spot.


While there is really no direct confirmation, it is believed that the homeless puppy was adopted. Hopefully, he has a loving home and a loving family now, and is spending Christmas days safe, happy and healthy.

There are so many homeless dogs all over the world that it is so sad. So many people get a puppy when it is small and cute and when it grows up, gets old or sick they just abandon them. It is so terrible. Dogs have emotions same as we humans do. But dogs need someone to take care of them. They just want our love and care. They love us so unconditionally and they would do anything for us. The way that they look at us is so adorable, you can see the love in their sweet puppy eyes. Nobody should ever abandon their pets, it is really just so cruel.

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