Hundred Year Old Turtle Adopts A Baby Hippo

A hundred year old turtle adopts a baby hippo after the horrors of tsunami!

A hundred year old male turtle adopts a one year old baby hippo and the turtle is loving his role of being the hippo`s “mother”. After the tsunami, the baby hippo lost his real mother. He was so afraid and traumatized from all of that. Luckily he bonded with the hundred year old turtle very fast and two of them have a such strong bond now.

The two of them eat, sleep and swim together too.

hundred year old turtle 1

The hippo follows the hundred year old tortoise exactly the way it follows its real mother. If somebody approaches the turtle, the baby hippo becomes very aggressive, as if protecting its biological mother. The hippo is still a young baby, he was left at a very tender age and by nature, hippos are very social animals that like to stay with their mothers for at least four years.

hundred year old turtle 2

The baby hippo survived a tsunami that happened on the coast of Kenya. Animal rescuers to him to an animal facility in Mombassa, a port city near by. There he met this elderly turtle and decided that he is going to be his new mommy. The two of them look so cute together. They take such good care of each other. What the turtle lacks in strength the baby hippo compensates. Because the hippo is still so young the turtle teaches him all the basics he needs to know to survive.

hundred year old turtle 4

It is not so strange to see an animal to adopt another animal of completely different appearance and species. This actually happens quite often. You can see all sorts of strange fostering occur. All animals have feelings and emotions. All of them need care and love, especially at that such young age when they are growing and developing. They need someone by their side to help them learn what to do and what not to do. We find this story so heart warming and cute. It is so nice to see something like this.


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