Interesting Facts About Black Cats

Today on August the 17th is the Black Cat Appreciation Day! Here are some interesting facts about black cats that most people do not actually know!

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day everyone! In their honor here are some interesting facts about black cats!

#1 Black Cats are Often Revered or Feared

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Black cats pose an enigma to people who have never been up close and personal with one of them. Fear of black cats most likely stems from folklore held over from the middle ages, when black cats were thought to be witches’ familiars or even one of them. The common phrase “witch hunt” arose from the fanatical fervor with which witches and their “familiars” were hunted down, tortured until they confessed their sins, and also killed, usually by burning at the stake.

#2 Some Very Black Cats are not “Pure Black”

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Black is one of the three basic colors of cats which are considered to be “pure.” The other two are red and also white color. All other colors and color patterns of cats are just a combination of any two or three of these basic colors. Cats with a dominant black gene are usually (but not always) pure black in appearance. A cat with two parents, who both possess a dominant black gene, will almost always be pure black. However, if either of these cats has a recessive red gene, the kitty may also carry it, a fact which accounts for why sometimes black cats ​appear “a bit rusty” in the sun.

#3 Black Cats Are Actually Considered Lucky in Some Cultures

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In Asia and the United Kingdom a black cat is generally considered lucky. The exception is that in most of the United Kingdom it is unlucky to cross paths with a black cat. But there are exceptions to every rule, including exceptions to the exceptions! In Yorkshire, England, it may be lucky to own a black cat, but it is actually unlucky to have one cross your path.

#4 The Bombay Cat is the Only Recognized Black Cat Breed

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While many recognized breeds have been around for years or are actually the result of naturally occurring genetic mutations, the ​Bombay is a result of years of selective breeding in an effort to develop a black “Parlour Panther color”.  It is the only recognized cat breed int the world whose only acceptable color is black.

#5 CFA Allows Solid Black in 22 Breed Standards

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The Cat Fanciers’ Association allows solid black as a color option in 21 other cat breeds. The color description is fairly standard for all those breeds with the exception of:

  • Oriental – EBONY: dense coal black color. Free from any tinge of rust on tips or just smoke undercoat. Nose leather: black color. Paw pads: black or brown color.
  • Sphynx – BLACK: black color. One level tone from nose all the way to tip of ​the tail. Nose leather: black color. Paw pads: black or also brown color.
  • Ragamuffin – Although black is not specifically mentioned, the standard allows for “any color, with or without white color,” so technically speaking, an all-black Ragamuffin would be allowed under the breed standard.\\

#6  Black Cats Are Not Always Named for their Color

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# 7 Black is Arguably the Most Popular Solid Cat Color

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Hope you enjoyed reading these interesting facts about black cats and once again Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day everyone!

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