Japanese And Siberian Flying Squirrels Are The Cutest Animals Ever

Japanese and Siberian flying squirrels are probably the cutest animals on the planet!

Japanese and Siberian flying squirrels usually live in Japan and in Europe too, from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific coast. They fall under the category of Old World flying squirrels. They do not hibernate, but in the winter, they sometimes can sleep for several days at a time. Flying squirrels do not actually fly, they just glide using a furry membrane or patagium between their front and also rear legs. Using this membrane, these squirrels can glide over 100 meters, either to escape from predators or just to reach another tree!

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Japanese and Siberian flying squirrels are actually omnivores. They eat a variety of foods including plenty seeds,nuts, fungi, also some fruit, and insects too. These flying squirrels are considered to be one of the most carnivorous squirrels. This is because they can supplement their diet with eggs, birds, and carrion too. During the day this cute squirrel hides in a hole, usually in a coniferous tree. They emerge at night to feed on buds, leaves, also bark, fruits and some seeds.

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When it feeds, the Japanese dwarf flying squirrel has a hanging posture. It will pull a twig to its adorable mouth with its forepaws if the twig is not strong enough to support its weight and then obtain food at the tip. While picking up food that is scattered on the ground, it will extend its tiny body in an intermediate range around its body without moving its hind legs.

Multiple individuals of this species sometimes group together on a single tree. However they usually tend to be of the same sex when it is not mating season. One breeding pair usually shares one mating nest. They are really something special. They are just adorable! What do you think? Aren`t they the cutest tiny animals ever?


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