Junior, The Singing Frenchie (FUNNY VIDEO)

Junior is quite a superstar. He loves listening to music and singing along while riding in the car with his owner, in Cologne, Germany


Junior has a quite good voice, he just needs a little bit more practice to make it perfect. Junior even takes a cue from Walter to let him have the lead on the song until it’s his turn to let his voice be heard.

A cute French Bulldog called Junior is becoming a big star on the Internet. He has his own video channel and plenty followers on social media. This bulldog is so sweet and charming. He looks like he is really enjoying riding in the car, looking outside and singing his heart out.

Check out this video of Junior singing along to Rihanna`s “Diamonds in the sky”

This is so funny, Junior is so cute. He loves singing and he can sing practically anything. You can find more videos of Junior singing on his you tube channel under his owner`s name, Walter Ledermuller.

 Check out the video of Junior singing along to Andrea Bocelli`s “Time to Say Goodbye”

Here are some interesting facts about French Bulldogs!


  1. French Bulldogs are affectionate and  very friendly dogs that were bred to be companions. They also get along very well with other dogs and are not really big barkers. These dogs do not need much exercise, they are just fine in small areas and enjoy the safety of their crate.
  2. French bulldogs might not bark that much, but they really like to “talk.” Using a complex system of yawns, yips, and gargles, these dogs can project the illusion of their own language. Also, sometimes they will even sing along with you in the car like Junior does.
  3. Originally, Frenchies had rose shaped ears, similar to the English bulldog which is theirs closest relative. English and European breeders prefer the rose shape, but American breeders like the unique bat ears that they can have.
  4. French Bulldogs have a risk of dying in airplanes. Why is that? Because of their immobility to control their body temperature they can have a heat stroke. Some airplane companies do not allow French Bulldogs on their planes for this reason.


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