Kindhearted Stranger Runs To Help An Injured Cat And Gets An Unforgettable Surprise

Kindhearted stranger spots a bleeding cat a runs to her rescue, but when he gets a bit closer he gets an unforgettable surprise! The cat is actually just resting on top of drops of dried red paint splatters. Imagine that!

As true animal lovers, there is absolutely nothing that completely breaks our hearts like the sight of an injured animal. No matter what we may be doing at the time, if we are already late for work, or have an important call to make or really anything, we will literally drop it all to stop and lend a hand to the helpless animal. This kindhearted stranger did the same. When he saw this cat he just wanted to help, but when he got a bit closer he was really surprised!

kindhearted stranger 1

Clearly, this whole scene looks horrible at first sight. You might think that the kitty was hit by a car in the parking lot and needs medical attention. And so, this kindhearted stranger rushed over to the animal’s side. Only to discover that the poor, injured cat was really just lying on top of drops of some dried red paint splatters. Silly cat!

kindhearted stranger 3

And the cute ginger cat, in typical cat fashion, seemed to be more upset that they woke him up from his nap than the panic in the humans before him.  Indeed, the silly kitty was very much alive and unharmed. But hey, every one of us animal lovers totally would have done the exactly same thing. He was just resting on top of drops of some dried red paint splatters on the street!

kindhearted stranger 9

It looks like this silly kitty will have to find a new sleeping spot! Well kitty, you all gave us a scare! Better go and find some spot that doesn`t look like that! Cats will always be cats, they love to be naughty and silly.


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