Kitten Born Without Elbows, Look At Her Now

“Kangaroo” kitten born without elbows was the smallest and the weakest of the entire litter. But look at her now!

Meet the cute little Roo Russ, the kitten born without elbows that looks more like a kangaroo. When this cute kitty and her two brothers came into the shelter in late April 2016, right away the staff working there noticed that something was not really right. “She was considerably smaller than her other siblings and the staff at the shelter saw that she was walking weird,” Marnie Russ says.

kitten born1

After x-raying Roo`s elbows, they noticed that she was actually born without elbow joints. Marnie, who specializes in caring for animals with special needs, took this cute kitty home to take care of and instantly fell deeply in love with her!

kitten born 2

Today, eight months later, little Roo is so happy and fluffy as ever, not letting anyone or anything stop her! “She learned to use her front legs like a normal cat would, so if you did not know her story you would not even think that anything was wrong with her, except when she walks she is shorter a bit in the front,” Marnie says.


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