Kitties and parrots BFF? Is It Possible? (VIDEO)

Kitties and parrots best friend? Is it really possible? We all watched Silvester and Tweety, is it really the truth or can kitties and parrots get along in life quite nicely?


If you are a parrot owner and want to add a kitty to your family, you need to do your homework first. As a matter of fact parrots can live in the same house with other animals. You just need to keep an eye on their interactions and never leave the parrot unsupervised with dogs or kitties.

Kitties can be wonderful companions and friends for larger parrots such as the Macaw or the African gray. They may groom your kitties whiskers or drop toys on his head in a playful manner. Together they can have so much fun. Cats know that they have to be gentle to them and the parrots take advantage and love to tease them.

Here is a funny video compilation of some parrots that are trying to annoy some cats !

Parrots and all small birds under 12 inches, however, should never be around kitties. The reason is that their small size makes them very prone to injury even when they are just playing around. It is also very important to realize that kitties can carry “pasteurella”, a nasty bacteria in their saliva that is deadly to birds. Even the smallest scratch must be treated seriously and as soon as possible. If your kitty bites or claws your parrot you need to take him to the vet immediately.


Here is a really cute video of a parrot imitating cats and meowing like them. All he wants to do is to fit in the group. There are three kitties here and only one of him. Of course he needs to blend in. What is the better way that to act like one? Even the cats are uncertain what he really is. He looks like a parrot but sounds like a cat. The cats were quite surprised and a bit scared too.


Check out the video of the three cats and one parrot pretending to be a cat !

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