Kitty Cats Posing Like Pin Up Girls

These photos of kitty cats posing like pin up girl will make your day and make you smile! Just look at them!

As popular as the blog comparing cats to beautiful men is, it was crystal clear that there was a market for comparisons being made between kitty cats and pretty ladies as well. We can only assume that this is one of the reasons behind the creation of the “Cats That Look Like Pinup Girls” on Tumblr. Now ladies and gentlemen of all persuasions can feast their eyes on comparisons between kitty cats and beautiful people. It is really funny and really cute too!

The premise is quite simple, just find a picture of a beautiful pinup, and then locate a picture of a cute cat that matches it (or the other way around). Cute kitty cats and beautiful pinups go together wonderfully!

So here they are, enjoy!


kitty cats 2


kitty cats 3


kitty cats 4

This blog was created by Australian creative freelancer by the name of Rachael Aslett and advertises Hurly-Burly, which is an alternative clothing store. It was only a matter of time before such a blog was going to be created, as one of the internet’s main purposes is to do anything and also everything related to cats that can possibly be done.


kitty cats 5


kitty cats 6


kitty cats 7


kitty cats 8


kitty cats 9


kitty cats 10


kitty cats

Just look how cute are they? Cats just make life better! What would we do without them? Just look at those adorable faces! And no one can pose like cats can! These photos really made my day a lot better! This is cuteness overload!


kitty cats 12


kitty cats 13


kitty cats 14

These are some glamorous kitty cats, and they obviously love to pose! How did you like these photos of kitties posing like pin up girls? I loved them, I find them to be very funny! Feel free to share with your friends and family!

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