Kitty Refuses To Eat After His Cruel Owners Trade Him For A Couch

Tiger the kitty refuses to eat and get completely depressed after his cruel owners trade him for a piece of furniture!

Tiger Tim is such a sweet orange cat who ended up homeless and all alone in a shelter, all because of a piece of furniture. Tim ended up at New York City Animal Care and Control (ACC) when his owner, who had him since he was a 3 month old kitten, got a new couch. This kitty refuses to eat and is so depressed and lonely after his cruel owner left him like that.

kitty refuses 4

Magnificat Cat Rescue took Tiger Tim from the city shelter and got him into a loving foster home, but this gentle tabby cat is confused and really heartbroken over the loss of his former home and family. And his condition is only getting worse every day.

“He refuses to eat, he even refuses to drink. For days rescuers were forcing him to eat to keep him alive,” the rescuers posted on their Facebook page. They also added that he lost about 3 pounds since he got there. “He is never aggressive, just so sad and miserable, just curled into a little ball of misery”.

kitty refuses 4

Tiger Tim was actually on the euthanasia list at the ACC shelter that day. If it weren’t for their intervention, he probably would got put down that very day.

Poor Tiger Tim was basically dying out of misery. Then he got hospitalized, and the tests showed that his white blood cell count was alarmingly high, indicating a possible infection. It will take a lot of love and support to get him back in shape, both physically and emotionally too. Maybe someday Tim will find a new forever loving home with some kind people who love him more than their new furniture.


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