Kitty tries to save her owner ( FUNNY VIDEO)

    Kitty tries to save her owner from drowning. Actually, the kitty thinks that he is drowning. In reality, the owner is only taking a bath. But this is so cute and funny, this kitten is adorable.

This kitty is so concerned about her human and why he is lying down in the evil bathtub with the evil water inside. She does not want to loose her owner and she is trying to pull him out by taking his hand out of the water and pulls it outside. The noises that she makes are so cute. If only we could understand what she is saying. This is cuteness over the top. The devotion that this kitty shows for her human is really beautiful. They`re connection is so strong. This kitty tried her best to save her. So, so cute.

Check out the video of the kitty trying to save her owner !

Even though kitties may feel love and affection, actually they can not show their emotions with kisses and hugs the way we humans do. They don`t they wag their tails, lick people or jump up on their favorite humans like dogs tend to. Instead, kitties cuddle up on laps, rub their heads on those they love and vocalizing their affection.

Even though kitty ownership has commonly been associated with women, a 2007 poll reported that men and women in the United States of America were equally likely to own a kitty.


A study from 2008 asked cat owners to rate their pets across 12 different personality aspects, including curiosity, friendliness, aggression and bad temper. The researchers used а method called principle components analysis tо figure оуt whether there were any general underlying cat personality variables, and found four.

The first incorporated traits such аs activeness, intelligence, curiousness and sociability. The second seemed tо bе driven by how emotional, friendly and protective the cats were. Component three were aggression and bad temper, and component four was timidness. So it would sееm that cats cаn have different personalities too.

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