Last Male White Rhino Is Looking For Love On Tinder

Here is why the world`s last male white rhino Is ‘Looking For Love’ On Tinder!

When you hear the phrase, “World’s most eligible bachelor,” visions of Prince Harry or George Clooney from a few years back usually come to mind. However, this highly eligible bachelor is something much different, and far much more rare. Meet sweet Sudan, the world’s last male white rhino. He is 44 years old, weighs around 2 tons and also sizes up at around 5 feet tall at the withers.

last male white rhino 2

Very sadly, as of the year 2015, Sudan is one of only the 3 of his subspecies left on earth. He is the only alive male. This species is critically endangered due to poaching for their horns.  The horn is a highly prized ingredient in the Eastern medicine!

As you can tell from these photos, Sudan’s horns were actually removed by such poachers. Luckily, he was able to survive this terrible ordeal. There may be only 2 females for Sudan to choose from, but romance is actually not Sudan’s primary reason for having a Tinder profile. Rather, his social media presence is a desperate attempt to raise the $9 million. The money is needed to hopefully help save this beautiful species from disappearing forever from Earth.

last male white rhino 2

When the Tinder users see Sudan pop up on their phones and then swipe right (signifying yes), they end up at a page where they can make donations to help save him. This will also hopefully help to save the northern white rhinos of the future.

If you see Sudan on Tinder, please make sure to swipe right. You can also help without Tinder by clicking here.

The 43-year-old Sudan and his last two female companions are actually unable to breed naturally. This is because of issues that mostly include old age. Ol Pejeta Conservancy and also the app aim to raise aruond $9 million for research into breeding methods. These methods also include in-vitro fertilisation, in an desperate effort to save this beautiful species from extinction.

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