Laziness On a Whole New Level

These pets take laziness on a whole new level. They are too lazy to move and they can sleep anywhere! Scroll down for the video!

Sometimes you are ready for a nap, and sometimes you are so tired  that you just can`t be bothered to get into your bed. So you end up sleeping anywhere else. Sometimes you just need your human to hold your head for you while you fall asleep. These pets really show what is laziness. They are so truly adorable!

This cute English Bulldog is too lazy to even hold his head. His human daddy has to do it instead!


This funny husky really takes laziness to another level. He knocked over his food, and now he is lying down on the floor and eating too. Actually, he is very smart! Eating while resting, good for him.


This is a really funny video

This lazy Golden Labrador dog is lying down in the park and there is no way that he is getting up. His owner tries to make him go home, he keeps asking him to stand up, but no. No way he is doing that.

This video is really priceless.

This cute kitty shows what is the proper way of drinking water. There is no need to stand up. You just need to lie down and put your paw in. Cuteness overload!

All animals love to goof around and act silly, that is in their nature. You can find plenty videos on the Internet off all sorts of animals being so lazy and cute and funny at the same time. That is one of the reasons why we love them so much. They always make us laugh. No matter how bad you day is, once you come home and see them acting silly like that, you forget everything and laugh. That is why they are our best friends!

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