Lazy Cats and Dogs Top 20 (PHOTO)

         Both cats and dogs enjoy very much their lazy time, stretching, relaxing and sleeping time. Off course, the result is that they always look so adorable while doing that. It does not matter if you are a cat or a dog person, no one can dispute the fact how all of them are so darn adorable and cute too.

Here we have out top 20 lazy cats and dogs just being they`re goofy selves.

1. Resting by the pool. All the girls need their ” Me time ” to be fresh and pretty too.


2. Just enjoying some nice weather while listening to birds singing.


3. A well deserved nap after a hard day at the office, indeed. 


4. Ok, I`m getting up, here I come, just give me two more minutes.


5. I want to eat. No wait! I want to sleep too. Oh, what a hard life.


6.  Time for school guys. Get up boys.


7.  What am I going to do today? Hm, let me think about it for some time and I`ll get back to you sooner or later.


8. Who are you calling lazy? Me? No, on the contrary, I`m not lazy, its just that time of the month.


9.  Kittens need more sleep, so they could grow big and strong. So no judging!


10. So, I`m cooking something special today, its just going to take a little bit more time.


11. It`s so nice here, and so why are you making me leave? I stay here. Period.


12. I don`t  want to work today, obviously I need a break.


13. Cars and driving make me so sleepy, please don`t stop.


14.This movies is turning out to be quite boring, better then lets take a nice nap.


15. By all means multitasking is the key. Resting, stretching and  also working out all at the same time.


16. So, if I keep quiet nobody`s going to notice me and I can sleep all day long.


17. Can you also believe it? I only had 15 hours of sleep until now!


18. I am not going out for a walk and you can`t make me.


19. Leave me alone while my show is on. I need peace and quiet too.


So, we hope that you enjoyed our top 20 lazy Cats and Dogs, there are still a lot of stories, pictures and videos to come.

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