List Of Rules For The Doggy Sitter, Check Out Why It Went Viral

Woman was afraid to leave her dog alone with the doggy sitter! So  she wrote him big a list of rules and they went viral right away!

When Tommy Rivers agreed to look after his auntie’s dog Pepper for a day, he was very surprised to find out the pup came with a list of rules to follow. Some of them were actually pretty hilarious. They made the whole Internet fall in love with his auntie, and, also of course, with cute Pepper herself!

list 1

The note she left was pretty detailed, telling everything, and much more than the nephew needed to know. It starts by stating that Pepper is the prettiest girl in the entire world, and ends with ‘don’t you hate her cause you ain’t her’. If that was not enough to establish Pepper as the one and only queen of the canine world, the pup has purple accessories attached to her ears and also tail. And, from her cute facial expression, we think she knows just how darn pretty and cute she looks!

Here is the list of rules that went viral!

list 2

The Internet just could not take it and just kept asking for updates on the dog. At the end of the day, Tommy posted an adorable photo of Pepper in her pyjamas. It said “you made her really happy and now she is going to bed to sleep”. Some of the folks got so smitten with the dog, they even want Pepper as the president.

list 3

I know when I leave my dog with the sitter I also have a lot of rules too. Hey, but that`s just us crazy pet parents, we only want the best for them. I bet there is plenty people that are the same! What about you, are you a fan of cute Pepper now like the rest of us who fell victim to her charms?


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