Little Shivering Kitty From Hurricane Matthew

After the Hurricane Matthew, vets saved a little shivering kitten and gave it an adorable sock sweater for warmth!

This story is so heartwarming and has gone all over the world. Sarah, a Northwest Raleigh, North Carolina resident, was visiting a local Petco when she overheard a family who was looking to adopt a new kitten. The assistant at Petco brought out this little sweet angel, wrapped in the cutest miniature sweater.


One father and his children were checking out all the rescue kitties. Then an assistant came over and told them that they have a little kitten that really needs a home and someone to care for her. When the family saw the baby kitty they instantly fell in love. This little kitten is so cute and so charming. And is a fighter too. She survived the horrible hurricane.


The tiny  kitten was caught in the torrential downpours caused by the Hurricane Matthew. She was brought into the PetSmart’s Banfield Pet Hospital by the rescuers.

The little kitty was only 3-4 weeks old when they found her.

“When I first saw her I had to fight off the temptation to take the little kitty home myself,” Sarah said. “This kitten was so beautiful and precious. The guy’s kids fell in love with her straight away.”  The father consulted with his wife about adopting the kitten. And then a few minutes later, his wife had the tiny precious baby “protectively cradled against her and they were all shopping for kitty supplies.” “I was so happy to see her go with such a loving family,” Sarah said. “They bought this huge and fancy litter box. They were all so very excited. I think that this tube sock sweater kitty is going to be just fine.”

This is such a nice story, this small kitty is happy and healthy now. All the bad is behind her. Now she has a loving family that takes care of her.


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